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Server - Rainer SV112C2-3.0 SATA

SV110C2-2.33 SATA
SV110C2-3.0 SAS 35
SV112C2-3.0 SATA
SM110C4-2.4 SATA
SM110C4-2.4 SAS35
SM110C4-2.66 SATA
SM150C8-2.0 SATA
SM150C8-2.0 SCSI
SM150C8-2.0 SAS35
SM150C8-2.0 SAS25 Hotswap
SM322C8-2.0 SATA
SX525C8-2.5 SATA Hotswap
SX522C8-2.5 SATA
SX522C8-2.5 SAS25
SX626C8-2.5 SAS25
SX777C24-2.4 SAS25
Server - Rainer SV112C2-3.0 SATA

Small but powerful. Rainer SV110C2 equipped with 2 Core Intel Xeon Processor, and meet the latest 24x7 technology powered by Seagate Barracuda ES. Just Like You, Small Business But Powerful to challenging Big Enterprise.


  • Intel Xeon 3110 Dual Core
  • 1x 3.0GHz 6MB L2 Cache 1333MHz FSB
  • S3210 Server Chipset
  • 4 Slot memory
  • 6 SATA port at 3Gb/s supported RAID 0,1 and 10
  • 2x Gigabit NIC 10/100/1000
  • 1 PCIExpress x8
  • 1 PCIExpress x4
  • 2x PCI 32 bit/33MHz
  • 32MB Video Memory
  • Visipro 1x 1GB DDR2 ECC PC5300 (667MHz)
  • Seagate Barracuda ES 250GB SATA II 3G
  • Rackmount 2U Chassis
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